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Ben Neale

Ben Neale

Inspired by adventure and dedicated to nature – that is the mantra of the Gallery Earth Team.

The goal, to bring the seldom witnessed artistic beauty of the aerial landscape into the home as spectacular large format pieces whilst contributing to the conservation of that same natural beauty that has been the inspiration.

Utilising lightweight, portable, yet very often dangerous aerial platforms for their superior photographic advantage, the team has started travelling and photographing some of the most inhospitable and beautiful regions of the world.

The results have been bringing truly unique works of art into homes and galleries all over the world.

In the very short time since its founding in 2013, the international award-winning photographer behind Gallery Earth, Ben Neale, hashed work featured by world-renowned publications such as National Geographic, Australian Geographic and African Geographic as well as winning the 2014 Epson International Pano Awards- 1st place Nature Category. And additionally having work displayed by the South Australian Museum and Silvershotz International Photography Journal.

Perrin Clarke

Perrin Clarke is a professional fine art and commercial photographer, specialising in still life, food and landscape photography.

His artistry was honed while studying photography in Melbourne in the early nineties and assisting photographers in distinguished studios and on-site, all over Victoria.

This training foundation developed his professional drive to always pursue diverse work, from commissions and commercial to fine art and landscape. Such a broad range of photographic skills ensures clients benefit, satisfied with flawless and original results.

Perrin Clarke draws particular inspiration from the beautiful Australian landscape, from the small and wonderful world of macro and our culinary delights of diversity and colour.

He is available for commercial and private commissions.

Working with a professional photographer for your photographic image needs guarantees your vision can become a work of art in your home.

The Perrin Clarke Gallery offers customers a diverse range of still life, food and landscape photographic art. Once the desired piece is chosen, display options that best suit the design space, custom size requirements, and artistic preferences of the buyer are decided.

Perrin is happy to assist with art selection and the ordering process.

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